Dear Pantry, Hot Meal, and Shelter Programs,

Annually, the pantry intake form (TEFAP form) and income guidelines are updated to reflect changes to the federal poverty guidelines.

These forms go into effect on Friday, July 1st. Click here for the new income guidelines. Click here for the new TEFAP intake form.

Beginning Friday, July 1st…

Pantries, Hot Meals, and Shelters:
-Dispose of any income guidelines dated 7.2021 or earlier.
-Ensure the new attached income guidelines are displayed in an area visible to your recipients.
-Translated forms are available on the Foodbank’s Agency Zone

Pantries Only:
-Dispose of any unused TEFAP forms dated 7.2021 or earlier (file completed forms for 5 years).
-Ensure your program is using the new attached TEFAP form, if not completing intake via PantryTrak. If using PantryTrak, please keep at least one paper form on hand just in case the internet/PantryTrak goes down.
-As a reminder, intake (including a signature) must be completed each time a recipient receives groceries, either via the paper form or PantryTrak.
-If your program uses the paper form, please ensure the form is: not modified, filled out entirely (name, address, phone number, household composition, signature, date), and signed only once per visit (first signature in the middle signature box with the certification statement).

If you have questions about these forms, please contact your county representative.

Thank you for your partnership,