Join a collaborative network of nearly 600 hunger-relief programs dedicated to feeding people in our community. Because of our collective effort, individuals struggling with food insecurity have access to nourishing meals.

Did you know? 

  • Approximately 80% of food is distributed FREE to partners. 
  • Fresh produce, dairy products, bakery items and other perishable items are ALWAYS FREE to partners. 
  • There is no initial or annual cost to be a partner and no minimum in dollars spent.

Foodbank partners include pantries, meal sites, shelters, senior centers, youth programs and many more. Network partners must be a 501(c)(3) public charity, or a church recognized by the IRS and must be located within the Foodbank's service area, including Carroll, Holmes, Medina, Portage, Stark, Summit, Tuscarawas and Wayne counties. 

To become a network partner, please complete both of the applications below. Once complete, a member of the network partners and programs team will contact you regarding the next steps, including documentation needed, completing a site visit and attending an orientation.

If you have questions about the application process, please contact Nathan Kreis at 330.436.3173 or

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What is the process to become a hunger-relief program affiliated with the Foodbank?

To become a hunger-relief partner, organizations must complete the following steps:

  1. Fill out the Organization and Program applications. Once complete, a member of the Foodbank will contact you regarding next steps.
  2. Submit required documentation. Depending on your program type, additional documentation may be required, including:
    • Eligibility documents: 501(c)(3)s submit their IRS tax exempt letter; churches submit their church qualify form
    • Financial documents (choose one: 3 bank statements, balance sheet, income statement, audited financial statement from most recent fiscal year)
    • Organizational chart or list of program staff/volunteer positions
    • A copy of current pest control contract and/or proof of recent service (invoice)
    • Signed Partnership & Liability Agreement
    • Copy of flyer or brochure describing programs and services offered
    • List of names, titles and occupations of organization’s board of directors, elders or other governing body
    • A copy of any intake and record keeping forms currently used for applying program
  3. Complete a site visit. A member of the Foodbank will contact you to schedule a site visit after receiving your applications and documentation.
  4. Attend orientation. Orientations are offered monthly. In-person and virtual options are available for all sessions.
  5. Receive welcome letter. Once your partnership is finalized, you will receive a welcome letter with your account number.

Questions? Contact a member of the network partners team by calling 330.535.6900. 

Besides organizational eligibility, what else should I consider before becoming a partner?

We encourage partners, especially new programs, to collaborate with other local programs first, assessing the following:  

  • Are there similar existing programs in the area? If yes,
    • What are the days and hours of service?  
  • Is there something you can do to support their work, maybe helping them expand their hours.  
  • Could you help the existing program provide additional services to the community, such as delivery or providing dietary/culturally preferred foods?

We are happy to brainstorm with you! Call 330.535.6900 to discuss this with a network partner team member. 

What are the benefits of becoming a hunger-relief partner?

  • Access to FREE and reduced cost food. Approximately 75% of food is distributed FREE to partners. Fresh produce, bakery items, and other perishable items are ALWAYS FREE.
  • Opportunity to connect with and learn from the Foodbank’s network of 600+ hunger-relief programs  
  • Access to in-person and virtual trainings
  • Access to programs, based on availability and eligibility, such as the Feeding Kids Initiative, home delivery program, CSFP (senior box program) and the network partner delivery program
  • Access to capacity grants, based on availability and eligibility 

Do hunger-relief partners pay for food from the Foodbank?

Approximately 75% of food is distributed FREE to partners. Fresh produce, bakery items and other perishable items are ALWAYS FREE. Some items include a fee, but partners are not required to order those products. The average cost of those products is $0.07 per pound. There is no initial or annual cost to be a partner. 

What can I use the Foodbank’s food for?

Hunger-relief partners may use Foodbank products for Foodbank-approved programs only within our eight-county service area and during regularly scheduled days/times. These approved programs focus on providing food and other essential items for people facing hunger.