Your generosity helps families like Asia's

Asia smiles as her children scramble to the produce table. They keep her busy throughout the day, as childcare costs are too expensive for her family. Once they go to school, she plans to enter a GED program and hopefully find a job she enjoys.

Growing up in the foster care system and not graduating from high school impacted Asia’s ability to find work. At one point, she and her husband were homeless, living with family and then a hotel when they felt they had overstayed their welcome. Once their money ran out, they found themselves at a local homeless shelter, living apart.

Fortunately, an Akron organization that helps homeless families stay together and achieve sustainable independence welcomed Asia’s family. With their help, they secured a car and house, and her husband found a job.

“Being there was a humbling experience. You take things for granted and when tragedy hits, you don’t know what you’ll do.”

Now, the family of four relies on her husband’s income. Asia has become a strategic budgeter, buying some items in bulk, stocking her pantry when she can, and visiting a local pantry when her food benefits run out toward the end of the month.