Stacy's Story

Stacy has spent the past nine years taking care of people as a home health aide, and with her soft and thoughtful demeanor, it's clear that she fills the role well. However, even with a full-time position, financial emergencies and everyday expenses continue to stretch Stacy's limited budget.

"Do you pay your electric bill or buy groceries?" she asks, describing the tough decisions she must make.

Stacy first heard of the monthly Direct Distribution in her town more than a year ago. The food provided by services like the Direct Distribution allow her to pay bills without sacrificing a meal.

"I wish people knew how widespread hunger is in the community. The economy is not catching up with the needs. Even if you have a job, you may still be scraping by to make ends meet."

Stacy's favorite part of the distribution is the variety of fruits and vegetables available—especially the berries! She grew up eating from a garden and finds it difficult to stay healthy when produce is out of her price range.

When thinking of those who help provide the monthly distribution, Stacy's eyes light up and she smiles softly, "Saying thank you just isn't enough."