Roxann's Story

Roxann and her husband were excited to welcome a new baby girl to their family of four. With her husband working full-time and his health care benefits, Roxann never anticipated needing to rely on a food pantry to help make ends meet. Then her family experienced a medical issue not fully covered by insurance. The bills began to pile up, and soon Roxann and her husband were thousands of dollars in debt. After paying their mortgage and utility bills, they would have less than $20 left in their bank account, and yet didn’t qualify for financial assistance.

Roxann soon discovered a local food pantry where she could receive monthly groceries. The meats, dairy products and fresh produce, typically pricey items, helped keep her kids happy and healthy, especially during the summer months when she could no longer rely on the school’s free lunch program.

“It was very humbling, but so relieving and welcoming,” explained Roxann. “Now, even as we get slowly back on our feet, the pantry is the reason we’re getting by. The items we receive from there have been a saving grace.” 

The pantry helped Roxann provide well-rounded meals for her growing children, as well as dry goods and boxed meals that go a long way for a family five.

“Not having enough is really tough,” she said. “My children now know you can never know someone else’s story, the same way no one can look at us and truly know ours. I do hope my children never have to struggle this much, but I also hope when they look back at this time, they remember we always had each other.”