Melissa's Story

Like most children this time of year, eight-year-old Brianna and ten-year-old Richard love the summer months. They can play outside with their friends, and have time to recharge before the next school year begins.

But for families like theirs struggling with hunger in our community, when the school year ends, so will the school breakfast and lunch programs— and their parents will now be worrying about how to provide three solid, healthy meals a day, instead of just one on their tight budget.

Richard and Brianna’s dad works full-time, sometimes 40+ hours a week building fences, but the family still finds themselves needing a little extra help. 

“Once we started receiving groceries from the [food] pantry, we sighed a huge breath of relief,” said Melissa, the children’s mom. “The things we get there are just incredible, like fresh, colorful produce, plenty of bread for sandwiches, cereals, milk – tons of staples. And to make the experience even sweeter, the kids have a ton of fun volunteering there, setting up tables and boxes of food and helping other families fill up their baskets.”

Fortunately for families like these, generous supporters of the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank help to ensure kids have enough to eat this summer so they’re ready to thrive at school this fall!

“[The food pantry] relieves a ton of stress. And when I'm stress-free, my kids are too. Someday, I hope they'll all go to college like I never had the opportunity to do. Nothing, really, would make me happier than giving my kids a better life.”

By helping children like Brianna and Richard have access to regular nutritious meals, you’re truly paving the way for them to have a more successful future. Thank you for your support, and for helping children thrive during summer months!