Foodbank feeds community through Neighborhood Distribution

In 2018, your Foodbank helped provide 105,000 meals every day to the local community through our collaboration with nearly 500 food pantries, hot meal sites, shelters and other hunger-relief programs within our network. 

Until recently, the Foodbank has managed food procurement, warehouse storage and food distribution to its hunger-relief partners.

Last year, the Foodbank piloted a Neighborhood Distribution for Summit County residents. The new monthly food distribution occurs in the Foodbank warehouse, in a neighborhood with few food options available for its residents. The distribution is strategically scheduled toward the end of the month, when food assistance benefits tend to run low for families.

Foodbank dock operations cease in order to prepare the warehouse, check-in stations are staffed with volunteers and staff members, and families in need of food assistance gather in the building to receive a cart filled with fresh produce, bakery items, milk and other essentials to stock their pantries.

Volunteers help each family unload the cart into their vehicles. The quick, stream-lined distribution allows the Foodbank to serve approximately 300 families, 800 individuals, within a 2-hour time frame.

The Foodbank needs your support to help provide this end-of-month safety net for people struggling to make ends meet. If you are interested in supporting a Neighborhood Distribution, please contact Gina Campbell at 330.535.6900.