In 2020, Helen was diagnosed with cancer. Her world turned upside down in what seemed like a blink of an eye. Before getting sick, she owned her own window cleaning business. She never needed to visit a food pantry for herself and didn’t receive SNAP food benefits.

Helen’s initial cancer treatments began in the morning and lasted into the evening. Not only did she no longer have time to work, but she was too ill for physical labor. One day, while driving down the street after a treatment, she saw a long line of cars waiting to receive food from a drive-thru food pantry.

She started visiting the pantry to help make ends meet while she navigated a new budget and lifestyle. The food pantry provided her with fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and pantry staples. But it also provided her with new friendships and support. “This place has been here for me in my lowest of lows and my highest of highs,” she said. “This place has a real special place in my heart.”

Helen is still receiving cancer treatments and surgeries. She has struggled to find a job willing to work with her treatment schedule. When she needs a little help with groceries, she knows the pantry is there for her with open arms. Throughout her emotional health journey, Helen has remained positive. When she has the time, she helps volunteer at the same pantry that supports her.

Helen says to supporters of the Foodbank and local hunger relief, “I love you. Thank you. If the world worked together like this food pantry, it would be a better place."