Audreanna's Story

Audreanna has always had a passion for giving. “I learned from a very early age that there were others more, and less, fortunate than myself,” she explained. “Sometimes I was more fortunate and sometimes I wasn’t as lucky.” Knowing what it’s like to struggle, she makes it a point to lend a hand whenever possible.

Like so many college students, Audreanna had a tough time making ends meet. After graduation, her loan and bill payments often came late—even when working three jobs. “It was a pride thing. I didn’t want to ask anyone for help. I wanted to hold it together on my own.”

After being introduced to the Foodbank by a fellow Starbucks manager, Audreanna began encouraging her employees to help out as well! She does a yearly food collection in her store and sets up plenty of volunteer events throughout the year.

“I love working with the Foodbank because it’s well organized and the team is so friendly and knowledgeable! When you hear the amount of meals you helped provide it creates a strong connection to the cause.”

Fighting hunger isn’t the only thing Audreanna has done for her neighbors. Every year her store takes up a collection of toys for Project Ed Bear. Most recently she’s worked with World Relief, CANAPI, and several churches as well.

“I was taught that we were put on this earth to love each other and help each other improve the quality of life,” said Audreanna. “I enjoy coming in with coworkers because it strengthens our bond. It’s fun and gives an overall sense of community. Volunteering is so important!”