Susan Allen
Food Acquisition Specialist
Faith Barbato
Senior Manager, Institutional Giving
Colleen Benson
Vice President, Development
Chuck Berg
Donor Partnership Route Driver
Marcie Blandford
Administrative & Programs Assistant
Alex Branham
Manager, Campaign and Corporate Engagement
Renaye Brauning
Director, Finance
Sarah Brown
Programs Coordinator
Da’Sean Burnett
Pantry Coordinator
Janet Buza
Business Analyst
Mark Cagwin
Donor Partnership Route Driver
Lori Calabretta
Guest Experience & Administrative Assistant
Katie Carver Reed
Vice PresidentView Bio
Kalie Catterall
Distribution Office Administrator
Moneuc Conners
Distribution Office Specialist
Carol Crabtree
Vice President, Human Resources
Brooke Crisalli
Partner Relations Coordinator
Andre Davis
Warehouse Supervisor
Michelle DeShon
Institutional Giving Specialist
Laura Deubel
Distribution Office Manager
Jim Duckworth
Food Acquisition and Logistics Coordinator
Jenn Dyer
Vice President, Operations
Andrew Ellenberger
Warehouse & Facility Specialist
Ashton Elrad
Volunteer Center Coordinator
Becky Falck
Development Data Manager
Scott Falen
Donor Partnership Route Driver
Duane Faust
Warehouse Specialist
Dan Flowers
President & CEOView Bio
David Freggiaro
Partner Relations Coordinator
Jamie Fuller
Events Specialist
Juleah Gamble
Donor Services Assistant
Raven Gayheart
Public Relations and Communications Manager
Leslie Genovese
Regional Director, Stark County Campus
DeEric Gibbons
Order Selector
Sheila Grant
Volunteer and Guest Experience Champion
Debbie Hagarty
Gift and Estate Planning Officer
Keith Harsh
Market Place Associate
Connor Heim
Volunteer Center Coordinator
Howard Hill
Order Selector
Henry Hinton
Canton Warehouse Specialist
Ashley Hoegler
AmeriCorps VISTA, Community Engagement Coordinator
Mark Hunter
Donor Partnership Route Driver
Bridget Jones
Director, Development Operations
Nathan Jones
Network Partner Delivery Driver
Angie Kemper
Akron Warehouse Manager
Nathan Kreis
Senior Manager, Stark County Campus
Tasha Ledrich
Volunteer and Guest Experience Supervisor
Brian Lewis
Volunteer Center Supervisor
Beth Lindsay
Accounting Specialist
Randy Lipscomb
Donor Relations Officer
Joe Marinelli
Donor Partnership Route Driver
Zoe-Lanese Martin
Corporate Community Engagement Coordinator
Tray McCall
Warehouse Organizing Specialist
Audra McClain
Social Media & Communications Coordinator
Nanci McCollum
Food Acquisition Executive
Neiva McKim
Programs Coordinator
Audrey McMillen
HR Coordinator
Tim Michael
Lead Order Selector
Derrick Miller
Warehouse Specialist
Mary Ann Mills
Manager, Strategic Programs
Mark Mitchell
Food and Safety Operations Manager
Todd Mollenkopf
I.T. Manager
Charles Moore
Warehouse Specialist
Christy Mossor
Shipping & Receiving Coordinator
John Nease
Shuttle Delivery Driver
Janet Newcomer
Donor Relations
Rich Osborne
Director, Food Acquisition and Logistics
David Paskiet
Shipping and Receiving Supervisor
Matt Petrick
Director, Operations
Grace Pieri
Volunteer Center Lead
Mallory Pilz
Program Outreach Coordinator
Tim Rainey
Lead Order Selector
Paul Rondy
Facilities Maintenance Lead
Linda Schneider
Distribution Specialist
Marlene Shaffer
Assistant, Finance
Samantha Shallenberger
Volunteer Coordinator, Events & Systems
Suk Shanafelt
Warehouse Supervisor
Karen Sheppard
Manager, Office Administration
Joy Solter
Data Entry Associate
Marisa Sorboro
Grant and Project Specialist
Cody Stanley
Manager, Direct Service Programs
Linda Steinhebel
Partnership Development Specialist
Troy Street
Volunteer Center Lead
Valerie Bailey Stutler
Donor Relations Officer
Jeff Summers
Canton Warehouse Manager
Charles Sykes
Shipping & Receiving Coordinator
Mark Testa
Donor Partnership Route Driver
Diane Thanasiu
Inventory Receipting Coordinator
Laura Villwock
Manager, Volunteer & Donor Engagement
Joe Vitale
Warehouse Organizing Specialist
Tanae Walls
Warehouse Specialist
Katie Weber
Marketing Specialist
Jeff White
Order Selector
Michael Wilson
Vice President, Marketing & CommunicationsView Bio
Robert Woodson
Warehouse Specialist