Many of you may have seen Governor DeWine’s announcement on Monday, May 17th. He stated that the mask order and social distancing guideline in Ohio have been modified to align with new CDC guidelines. Therefore, the Foodbank will also align our procedures with state guidelines.

The following pick-up guidelines will take effect Monday, May 24th:

  • Wearing masks and social distancing is no longer required by vaccinated staff and guests. Everyone is welcome to continue wearing masks if they choose and that practice will always be supported. Unvaccinated staff and guests are strongly encouraged to continue wearing masks and get vaccinated.
  • Network Partners will return to pre-COVID check-in procedures. Upon arrival, Network Partner representatives will check in at the Distribution Office rather than calling in. If a bay is not immediately available, Network Partner representatives must remain in the waiting area until their assigned bay is available.
  • When an assigned bay is available, Network Partners must back their vehicle into their assigned bay so the dock doors can be closed while loading.
  • One representative per Network Partner can be in the Marketplace at one time.
  • For the safety of our staff and guests, Network Partner representatives not shopping the Marketplace are required to stay in their assigned bay at all times.
  • Network Partners can use the Foodbank’s public restrooms and may go to the Commons to use the vending machines and get coffee.
  • When a Network Partner is finished loading their order or they need to switch vehicles, please communicate with Foodbank staff so they can open the dock door.

Lastly, we encourage Network Partners to also implement guidelines outlined by the Ohio Department of Health Directors Order effective May 17th:

8. Signage

i. All businesses and organized gatherings, where possible, shall post clearly visible

signage at all entrances to each of their grounds or premises requiring all persons

not fully vaccinated entering to wear a facial covering. The text shall state that,

unless the individual is fully vaccinated, all persons are required to wear a facial

covering and engage in social distancing at all times in or on the grounds or

premises. Such signage is available for download here. Any entity requiring assistance printing signage should contact the Ohio Department of Health Call Center at 1-833-4-ASK-ODH (1-833-


9. Buildings

i. Buildings accessible to the public shall strive to maximize ventilation, including

opening doors and windows. Indoor facilities are expected to employ filtration of

MERV 13 or higher at soon as practicably possible.

The Foodbank will continue to follow the Governor’s directives, as we have throughout the pandemic. We appreciate your flexibility and commitment to keeping our community safe.

If you have a question, please contact the Network Partners and Programs Department at 330.535.6900.