Due to Governor DeWine lifting the state of emergency in Ohio last Friday, June 18, 2021, the “temporary” TEFAP procedures (verbal signatures) put into place during the pandemic are no longer in effect.  All previous TEFAP eligibility and distribution requirements have been reinstated.

As a reminder, the prior eligibility and distribution requirements are as follows:
- Income eligibility is a self-determination at 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. The income eligibility guidelines and intake forms have been updated on FreshTrak (PantryTrak).
o If using paper forms, the updated forms to be used as of today can be found on the Agency Zone of the Foodbank’s website (click here). Please dispose of any old, blank forms.
o The most current income guidelines should be posted in an area visible to the individual receiving food.
- Pantries must request to see a photo ID each time they are serving an individual. If the individual does not have a photo ID, pantries should still serve them.
- All recipients at a food pantry must sign, either via paper form or electronically via PantryTrak, each time they receive service.
o The “serve this customer” button will no longer be available via FreshTrak (PantryTrak). Pantries must now use the “e-signature” function.
- Pantry volunteers cannot sign on behalf of an individual recipient unless given permission to do so via a proxy form

If you need a refresh on how to use the normal functions of FreshTrak (PantryTrak), please use the guide at this link. If you or your volunteers need to attend FreshTrak (PantryTrak) training, click this link to register.

If you have questions about this return to normal TEFAP intake procedures, please call the Network Partners and Programs team at 330.535.6900.