Amanda Margaretha, Installation Artist

This piece is a symbolic artwork that embodies the spirit of community and pays tribute to the volunteers, donors and Foodbank staff who have come from various directions to help process and distribute donated food. Their actions are portrayed with a sense of purpose and dedication, showcasing the different parts that everyone plays to address the universal need for sustenance.

By employing Raison D’etre, a technique the artist developed by suspending spices in resin plates, she is rendering mandala-like imagery that also reminds the viewers of a compass, thanks to found objects from the foodbank being layered on top the mandala. The compasses, each pointing in different directions, represent the diverse backgrounds and origins of the individuals involved in this collective effort.

The composition revolves around a central motif: the compass, which serves as a metaphor for the diverse origins and directions from which people come together to support a common cause – the donation and distribution of food through Akron Canton Regional Foodbank.

At the heart of the artwork, a bustling scene of patterns, colors, found objects, food items (i.e. seeds, dry beans, pasta, rice, and whole spices) unfolds, all of which are suspended in resin. The various colors represent a myriad of ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds, emphasizing the inclusive nature of this charitable act. It captures the essence of unity, underscoring the idea that compassion knows no boundaries.

Some of the lines in the final artwork will be in recognition to individuals and families in need of food, who emerge from all directions, forming lines that converge at the various distribution points. The artist aims to capture the dignity and resilience of these individuals and families, emphasizing their journey towards sustenance and support they receive from the community.

This art installation will serve as a poignant reminder of the interconnectedness of humanity, illustrating how individuals from all walks of life can come together to address the fundamental need for nourishment, kindness, and community support.