Thank you all for your patience, flexibility, and resilience during this COVID-19 crisis. We have continued to listen to community partners and experts to determine the best way to move forward with our operations. We are happy to share that as of Monday, July 6, MarketPlace will be open for shopping with slight changes to ensure safety and social distance.

  • Upon arrival, network partners will still need to call the order desk to notify of arrival and be assigned to a bay
  • Orders will still be loaded at the bay door
  • Only one shopper per network partner will be able to shop
  • The shopper will be asked to sign-in and will be provided a disposable face mask
  • Shoppers will still need to separate items by category and weigh separately
  • Weights will be recorded and shared with the order desk by a Foodbank staff member and/or volunteer
  • Network Partners still have the option of requesting pre-packed MarketPlace instead of shopping the MarketPlace area

Please click here for more detail about the new MarketPlace experience as well as a visual representation of the shopping area.  If you have questions or concerns about this new process, please reach out to the Network Partners and Programs team.