Dear Network Partners,

We have accomplished so much together, and especially during the tumultuous landscape of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In February 2021, the Foodbank made a strategic investment in your programs by temporarily waiving all costs associated with Foodbank food and non-food products and deliveries. This multi-million dollar investment was made to lessen the burden of your program operations as you continued to respond to an increase in demand.
While across the network we’ve seen a reduction in people seeking charitable food (due to support received through the federal stimulus, child tax credit, etc.), we have still served more than 100,000 people so far this year. Our work together remains important, and the Foodbank seeks to continue investing in your ability to meet the needs of the community. We will continue to make investments to ensure the majority of food is provided to you at no cost, but there will be a return of fees beginning in January 2022.

In 2022:
• The majority of items on the menu will remain free - this is our top priority.
• There will be a return of fees for some items on the Foodbank’s menu.
• We advise budgeting for a return to fees consistent with 2019 costs.
• A fee for food deliveries will begin in January 2022 (for partners receiving deliveries, you will receive a separate communication).
• As a reminder, the Foodbank’s fee structure prior to the temporary waiver of shared maintenance is as follows:

  • Produce and MarketPlace items are always free.
  • Other items on the menu may have a small shared maintenance fee of up to 18 cents per pound. This shared maintenance fee assists in covering the cost to transport and store the food.
  • Amazing Values fees reflect the cost to purchase the food plus a small shared maintenance fee.
  • As always, partners are expected to provide food directly to individuals and families for free (as outlined in the Partnership & Liability Agreement).

We look forward to continuing to support your programs through a reduction in fees, allowing you to utilize funds to build your capacity to respond to future needs. We continue to encourage the expansion of refrigerator and freezer capacity in our network, allowing you to distribute nutritious, perishable food to community members.

Thank you for your continued commitment to feeding our community. We remain grateful to you, your volunteers, and your staff for all you do.

In partnership,
Katie Carver Reed
Director, Network Partners and Programs