New Partner Application Process

The Foodbank's partner agencies play a critical role in our mission and we are pleased that you are interested in joining us in the fight to end hunger in our community. The process to become a partner agency of the Foodbank is outlined below. 

If you believe your agency can meet the standards outlined in Partnership 101, you may start the online application process. Please note: application sections must be completed in one sitting. 

The application is divided into three parts. 

1. General Partnership Information: This section must be completed by all applicants. 

2. The next section(s) are Program Specific Information. Please select and complete the section(s) relevant to your program type(s). 

  • Take Home Food Section: This section of the application is for Food Pantry, Senior Grocery, School Pantry and Backpack Programs. 
  • On Site Feeding Section: This section of the application is for Hot Meal, After School Snack, Child Care, Camp and Adult Programs. 
  • Residential Section: This section of the application is for Shelter, Residential and Drug/Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs. 

If you are unsure of the section(s) your agency will need to complete, please contact Nathan Kreis at 330.436.3173 or

A Program Specific Section must be completed for each program for which you agency is applying for Foodbank Partnership. 

If you are operating more than one program type, a Program Specific section must be completed for each program seeking Foodbank partnership. For example: 

  • If you are applying for a Food Pantry and a Hot Meal program: Fill out the Take Home Food Section for the Food Pantry and the On Site Feeding Section for the Hot Meal. 

3. Upload Supporting Documentation: For a full list of supporting documentation, click here.

Each item will need to be uploaded individually. Click "Upload File: and refresh page to upload next document until all have been uploaded. 

Print, sign and upload the documents below:

PLEASE NOTE: The Foodbank partners with agencies and programs that operate year round. If your agency operates and is applying for a program that does not meet this requirement, please call that Foodbank at 330.535.6900 and ask to speak with the Network Partners and Programs department before completing the application. 

If you have questions about the documents or application process, contact Network Partners and Programs at 330.535.6900.