Hunger in Stark County

Food insecurity refers to the USDA’s measure of lack of regular access to nutritional food for an active and healthy life. The food insecurity rate in Stark County is 14.2 percent of the total population, and the child food insecurity rate is 20.5 percent.

Food Insecurity Rate

Child Food Insecurity Rate

Your Foodbank’s Response

In 2019, your Foodbank distributed 8,082,156 pounds of food and essential items to families in need Stark County. Of that, 1,545,141 pounds was fresh, nutritious produce, which was distributed for free.

Your support helps Fred

Fred loves to cook. He openly shares recipes, inside secrets for tender barbeque, and how to spice up simple dishes. Unfortunately, because of his back problems he’s no longer able to stand all day wearing his chef hat, cooking at a restaurant. Now he’s only cooking for himself, and that’s becoming increasingly difficult on his fixed income.

His children are home for the summer, making his grocery bill even more expensive than he’s used to. Fred has found himself at a local pantry in need of groceries to help make ends meet. He’s able to supplement his food assistance benefit by receiving canned goods and pantry staples at the pantry. He explains that some months he might use his food assistance to only buy meat to ensure he has protein. He hopes the pantry will offer the other ingredients he needs to make a wholesome meal.

While he continues to look for work that he’s physically able to do, Fred volunteers 22 hours per month at the Stark County Hunger Task Force pantry, where he also receives food. This commitment enables him to receive government assistance while looking for work.

Fred enjoys the time he spends helping at the pantry and believes it’s been an eye-opening experience. Though he too is currently struggling financially, he realizes some people in the community are having a difficult time putting food on the table for their families.

“A lot of people are still hungry. The pantry and its supporters are doing a good job putting a smile on so many peoples’ faces.”