Thank you, volunteers, for your tireless efforts helping feed our neighbors in need. 

We’re appreciative of our volunteers all year long, but National Volunteer Month allows us to shower volunteers with love and gratitude for their tireless commitment to the individuals, children and seniors struggling with hunger.

Because of COVID-19 we had to temporarily close our doors to volunteers, and when opportunities resumed, they were at a limited capacity. This did not deter our dedicated friends, as they knew the work must go on, the community was counting on them. They continued sorting food, packing emergency boxes, picking up and delivering meals, stuffing envelopes and more. And we couldn’t be more grateful.

Meet Jim. Jim, 64, has been a selfless servant for more than 30 years with Community Harvest, the Foodbank’s prepared and perishable food rescue program. He volunteers every Wednesday, picking up perishable food from local restaurants and delivering it directly to hot meal sites and shelters within the Foodbank’s network.

“It’s enjoyable to be able to help out people in need, and instead of food going into the dumpster, it’s actually going to a soup kitchen,” said Jim.

Jim began volunteering while working at the Ford Motor Company, but began weekly service once retiring 14 years ago. He’s since recruited countless other volunteers, including friends and family, representing a wide variety of occupations. Upon reflecting on how service became a part of his life, he recalls his father fixing toys for children in need when he was a kid.

Though the work is labor intensive, lifting and moving thousands of pounds of food each week, Jim enjoys his volunteer experience and will keep it up as long as he’s able.

Thank you, Jim, for being such an integral member of our community and our local hunger-relief efforts!