So many organizations and individuals came forward to help when COVID-19 began to impact local families in our region. But when we learned of NEOMED student Poojajeet Khaira's passion for helping people in her community, and her commitment to rally other students behind the cause, it was clear that NEOMED's COVID-19 relief initiative, organized by students, should be the Organizational Volunteer Group of the Year award winner. Thank you for your leadership, Poojajeet!

How long has your student-led group been involved with the organization?
This initiative started during the summer of 2020 as a way for me and my fellow students and friends to help during the pandemic. We held a food drive, prepared food kits, donated homemade masks and volunteered at the Foodbank between the months of June and August.

Why are hunger-relief efforts important to you?
During this pandemic, I heard about a lot of people who were losing their jobs, making it harder for families to put food on the table. Through this process, I’ve learned that hunger affects more people than you would think.

How does it feel to win Organizational Volunteer Group of the Year?
It’s amazing. We had so many students who came and helped with these projects, not to get recognized, but because they genuinely wanted to help the community.