J'vion's Story

J’vion is 14-years-old and in the ninth grade. He has four brothers and sisters and lives with his mom, Jewell, and his grandmother. About four months ago just before Christmas, Jewell had a heart attack, and isn’t currently working due to her lingering health issues. Their entire family lives on J’vion’s grandmothers social security check. “I hurt knowing that there are times we don’t have anything in the fridge when my kids are hungry,” said Jewell. “But my kids know, they know that their mom is trying.”

Most days after school, J’vion walks with his siblings to the Canton Calvary Mission, a member agency of the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank for its snack program. “When I grow up, I want to be a lawyer or work with kids, maybe run a daycare,” explains J’vion in his soft-spoken, genuine manner. When asked what his favorite thing about Canton Calvary Mission is, J’vion kindly said, “Talking to Miss Marie (the program Director) about life and school. The pantry is a community, and there is so much love. I’m just comfortable. It’s more than snacks. They really help you.” J’vion also adds, “And I love the oranges!”