General Updates

Changes to Partnership & Liability Agreement

Mar 09, 2016

Agreements signed annually by all Foodbank partners outline the required criteria to receive food and draw upon the resources of the Foodbank. These agreements have been updated for 2016 to provide additional guidance as it relates to proper uses of food and other essential items procured from the Foodbank. 

In addition, the agreement will get a refresh to reflect our focus on partnering within the communities we serve. Previously referred to as the "Membership & Liability Agreement" will now be called the "Partnership & Liability Agreement". Further, we are now asking for signatures on the agreement from the staff/volunteer who serves as the main program contact as well as the highest authority at your organization. 

For example, if Hope Church is a partner of the Foodbank, the senior pastor, trustee or highest authority of Hope Church will need to sign the agreement, not only the program contact. The reason for this change is to ensure organizational leadership understand the partnership with the Foodbank and acknowledge organizational responsibility for the program. 

Updates to Items already in the agreement: 

16. Will keep adequate client records and maintain a copy of all Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank invoices for a period of five (5) years. These records will be kept at the program site and are subject to review by representatives of the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank, food donors and appropriate government entities. 

24. Will NOT require money, volunteer service, or for clients to perform work in exchange for food received from Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank. 

25. Will NOT use food as an incentive or for activities that coerce, require or promote religious affiliation or church membership. 

29. Will NOT direct food to any other organization, with the exception of perishable items that need to be distributed to maintain quality. Perishable items may only change hands one time to other approved network partners and, in this event, complete and accurate redistribution documentation must be kept by the distributing agency. 

New to the agreement: 

27. Will NOT use Foodbank food for organization fundraising events, activities, or other non-approved programmatic activities. 

If you have questions about the updated Partnership & Liability Agreement, please contact a member of your assigned team.