Earlier this month, the Ohio Senate Finance Committee released their substitute budget bill, which removed additional funding for Ohio’s food banks and introduced changes to SNAP. State support is vital to the Foodbank, providing Ohio-grown fresh fruits, vegetables, protein and shelf-stable items that are distributed to our neighbors. This cut would be an estimated loss of $1.8 million annually to support the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank.

Contact your legislatures today!

Sample script:

The Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank has experienced a 33% increase in individuals seeking help from local food pantries and a 40% increase in the number of visits to program sites. The support the Ohio Legislature provides to Ohio food banks and Ohio farmers is now more critical than ever.

We urge your support and adoption of the House passed versions of the following items:
JFSCD36: Ohio Association of Foodbanks to provide an additional $15 million each fiscal year  - page 396
EDUCD105: Provide Reimbursements to make reduced-price school meals free  - page 180
AGECD14: To restore the Healthy Aging Grant Program  - page 22

Reject ALL the harmful SNAP provisions the Senate inserted:
JFSCD95: Photo ID for SNAP EBT cards - Page 387
JFSCD71: Self-employment income and SNAP eligibility Page 388
JFSCD80: Restriction of SNAP card replacement - Page 388
JFSCD84: SNAP ABAWD work requirement - Page 389
JFSCD85: SNAP child support contact information -Page 390
JFSCD92: SNAP EBT Card - Page 389
JFSCD93: SNAP E&T - Page 390
JFSCD96: Prescreening SNAP applicants - Page 384

We urge you to work with Ohio’s food banks to create a hunger-free, healthier Ohio where all Ohioans can grow and thrive. Thank you for your time.

Representatives to Contact:
Conference committee members
Representative Jay Edwards: 614-466-2158 or rep94@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Jeff LaRe: 614-466-8100 or rep73@ohiohouse.gov
Representative Bride Sweeney: 614-466-3350 or Rep16@ohiohouse.gov
Senator Matt Dolan: 614-466-8056 or dolan@ohiosenate.gov
Senator Jerry Cirino: 614-644-7718 or cirino@ohiosenate.gov
Senator Vernon Sykes, Ranking Minority Member: 614-466-7041 or sykes@ohiosenate.gov

Speaker Jason Stephens: 614-466-1366 or rep93@ohiohouse.gov
Minority Leader Allison Russo: 614-466-8012 or rep07@ohiohouse.gov
Senate Minority Leader Nickie Antonio: 614-466-5123 or antonio@ohiosenate.gov