Hungry Seniors

Senior citizens have a number of unique medical and mobility challenges that put them at a greater risk of hunger.

After a lifetime of working and not worrying about their next meal, many seniors find themselves with medical expenses on fixed incomes. Unfortunately, food insecurity is an obstacle that can threaten our community’s senior citizens, but your Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank is here to help. 

  • More than 10 percent of all individuals served by the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank are seniors.

Your support helps Julia and her brother Harold

Julia has a long history with her local senior center, dating nearly 20 years. She began as a volunteer and has served on its board of directors for more than six years. She’s advocated for its programs and services and understands the importance of the companionship it offers residents.

Julia wishes she could persuade her brother to get involved at the center. Harold, 80, lives alone in their childhood home and relies on her to run errands and grocery shop. As a Korean War veteran, he held a job for a short period of time after returning but found it difficult to acclimate back into society. He prefers solitude and enjoys taking long walks throughout the countryside.

Harold is lucky that many of his expenses are taken care of for him, but his grocery budget can be tight, especially with his active lifestyle. He receives a senior food box each month, filled with enough food to prepare 25 meals, and meals delivered daily directly to his home. All of this is provided free of charge by the senior center and is delivered by the center or Julia.

“I love the center- it’s like family. I’m so thankful and appreciative for all they do,” she said.

Julia continues to check in on her brother and care for him in the ways he’ll allow. Though his life doesn’t look like hers, she’s happy knowing he’s content, safe and satisfied in his own way.