Hungry Seniors

Senior citizens have a number of unique medical and mobility challenges that put them at a greater risk of hunger.

After a lifetime of working and not worrying about their next meal, many seniors find themselves with medical expenses on fixed incomes. Unfortunately, food insecurity is an obstacle that can threaten our community’s senior citizens, but your Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank is here to help. 

Your support helps Steve

Steve, 65, has a mischievous look in his eyes and is hiding a small grin. It’s clear he enjoys having a good time and making others laugh. But Steve’s journey hasn’t always been enjoyable. He’s had a kidney transplant due to renal disease and is on dialysis, has high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes and has had some cardiovascular complications. Because of all this, Steve is unable to work.

Though he receives some help from government programs, it’s not enough to cover all his living expenses. Toward the end of the month, Steve’s budget can become strained, and that’s when he turns to the pantry at the Stark County Hunger Task Force.

“I don’t know what I’d do without the pantry,” he says. “It helps make ends meet, bridging the gap at the end of the month.”

For the past three years, Steve has volunteered at the pantry as part of the requirement to receive food stamps since he’s not working. He helps people shop the pantry shelves, always serving clients with a friendly attitude and a joke at the ready.

“When you think you have problems, you just need to talk to the people we serve and hear what they’re going through. I try to get them smiling before they leave the pantry by making it fun for them.”

Steve will continue to help people forget their problems while he serves others in need.