Feeding Kids

1 in 5 children in our 8 county service area goes home hungry every day. The Foodbank’s Feeding Kids Initiative is a way to provide nutritious food items directly to children and their families.

Network Partners obtain food from the Foodbank and distribute food to children through a number of channels. One method of distribution directly to children is the Backpack Program. Backpack programs have access to our Feeding Kids section of the menu, where they will find kid friendly food items such as easy open containers, shelf stable milk and personal packaged items. In addition to providing critical food assistance, schools with Backpack Programs have cited improved student attendance, academic performance, attentiveness, classroom behavior, and energy level. These programs aim to meet the nutritional needs of hungry children over weekends and school holidays, when students do not have access to free or reduced school breakfast or lunch.

Typically, each child receives an easy-to-carry bag filled with nutritious staple items when leaving school on Friday afternoon. Food items are intended as supplemental resources for children and their families.

Organizations interested in beginning a Backpack Program must either have a 501(c)3 or be a church as recognized by the IRS. Backpacks must be distributed to children, at minimum, once a month and all children receiving backpacks must be eligible for free/reduced lunch.

To apply for partnership to the Foodbank, please contact the network partners and programs department.