Elva's Story

Standing outside the doors of the Brunswick Food Pantry in Medina County, Elva stands patiently with her walker, waiting in line for groceries with dozens of other families. Elva spent her entire life working in the fashion industry, supporting her family and living comfortably. When she retired and began living on a fixed income, she found herself choosing between paying medical bills or buying groceries.

When her surgery bills became unmanageable, Elva found the Brunswick Food Pantry, a partner hunger-relief program of the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank, and is proud to share her gratitude.

“This place helps me and so many others get through the month,” said Elva. “Senior citizens especially need places like this and we are blessed they are here.”

After going through the pantry line Elva has a cart full of fresh produce, meats, breads and treats, and she smiles as volunteers from the pantry help her out of the door.

“Please tell the people who provided this food how thankful we are,” Elva said. “Did you know they have vitamins today?”

With support like yours, the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank and their network of partners can continually be there for people and families just like Elva’s.