You’ve given hope to families like Madeline’s

Walking into the Buckeye Christian Assembly’s food pantry in Medina County for the first time, Madeline holds the small hands of her daughters, Emily and Natalie. 
She feels welcomed and thankful that places like this are here for families when life doesn’t go exactly as planned. Madeline’s husband runs his own home maintenance company, but business has been extremely slow.

Often forced with choosing which bills to pay to make it through the month, Madeline recognized her family needs a little help—even if it’s just this one time. In the line at the food pantry, Madeline is greeted by volunteers who assist her in choosing items that are best for her family, like meats, fresh breads and vegetables.

Asking for help is not easy for Madeline, but as a mother, she will do anything to make sure her growing daughters get the nutrition they need.