You’ve given hope to families like John & Sharon’s

Their first time through the doors of the Minerva United Methodist Church Direct Distribution, pride and shame almost stopped them.

As healthcare aids at local medical facilities, John and Sharon spend their lives taking care of others. John, who works overtime, feels that he should be able to provide for his family, but right now they aren't able to make ends meet.

Their budget is tight because Sharon recently went on maternity leave when they welcomed Grace, a beautiful baby girl, into their lives.

Walking into the bright, open room of the Direct Distribution, John and Sharon feel humbled and grateful for all of the fresh fruits and vegetables available to them.

As a family, they strive to avoid processed foods, wanting to teach their new daughter the importance of nutrition.

They share their hopes and dreams for the future, and also the importance of community— of neighbors helping neighbors—hoping to one day volunteer together at the very place that helped them when they needed it most.