Angela's Story

“This is a wonderful, wonderful place,” says Angela smiling brightly, referring to the sense of community created at Journey’s End Food Pantry.

Angela first visited Journey’s End for food assistance, and years later is one of their most dedicated volunteers.

“When I first started coming to Journey’s End they gave my son and I fresh fruits, vegetables, breads and salads,” said Angela. “My family is eating more now of what we need than we used to. It’s because of the kindness I saw here that I knew I needed to do something more.”

Angela has been struggling with Multiple Sclerosis for the past 14 years.  As a single mom on a fixed income, Angela occasionally utilizes the same food pantry where she loves to volunteer.

“I only receive food when I really need it,” says Angela. “I want to save it for the families that need it more than I do.”

When asked to describe what Journey’s End does for her community, she compares them to being a great friend.

“Journey’s End has a heart of helpfulness,” Angela says. “They are there to take your back in hard times, and you know you can always go to them; you can always count on them.”

NOTE: Journey's End is an agency program of the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank. Photo credit: Benjamin Lehman Photography, part of Hopping Media.