General Updates

USDA Clarification for Religious Organizations

Feb 10, 2017

An amendment in 2016 to Section 7 of the Code of Federal Regulations, part 16.4 (7 CFR 16.4) requires faith-based or religious organizations that receive USDA food or federal funding to provide a written notice of rights to all clients. Faith based organizations operating or managing an emergency program (food pantry, hot meal, or shelter) must post the written notice of beneficiary protections in a prominent place visible to all clients and prospective clients upon entrance into the distribution site. A copy of the written notice, and an FAQ providing guidance about allowable activities, is included in the 2017 Network Partner Packet. 

The forms are also available for download here. 

Written Notice of Beneficiary Rights

FAQ about Written Notice of Beneficiary Rights

If you have questions about this USDA policy, please contact the Network Partners and Programs departments.