General Updates

Holiday Distributions

Oct 28, 2014

The holiday season is fast upon us. For many agencies, this means planning for special holiday baskets and meals for clients. Agencies planning a special holiday distribution using Foodbank products should notify the Member Services department.

Agencies are able to use Foodbank food for holiday distributions, but there are a few restrictions. Follow these general guidelines to make sure your agency stays in compliance throughout the holiday season.

  1. Emergency feeding programs are required to be open to the public. Foodbank food cannot be used to support a closed program, such as a holiday meal only for church members.
  2. Emergency feeding programs are required to be open once a month. If your agency plans to close for a month, you must notify the Member Services department.
  3. Foodbank food can only be used to support the program type listed on the agency account. For example, a food pantry account cannot use Foodbank food to operate a hot meal for the holiday.
  4. All policies governing your normal food program also apply to your holiday program. There are no exceptions.

If you have compliance questions, contact Gary G. Green, Manager, Member Services at or 330.777.7575.