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Response to Akron Beacon Journal Article

Nov 05, 2017

The Foodbank was disappointed by the article that was published in Sunday's edition of the Akron Beacon Journal, a story with negative misconceptions about the good work our agencies and our people do every day.

We believe in operating in the spirit of full transparency, and we are including a link to the full and un-edited detailed response that the Foodbank's President and CEO, Dan Flowers, sent to the Akron Beacon Journal on Friday. We hope this will provide clarity and perspective around the details of the original inquiries from the Akron Beacon Journal.

Detailed Response

Learn more about fee vs. free food distributed by the Foodbank.

The Foodbank remains committed to the daily work of providing emergency food assistance across our 8-county network. Thank you for your support!

Dan Flowers joined Jasen Sokol, November 6, 2017, to respond to the article. Listen to their segment below:


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