General Updates

Foodbank temporarily suspends volunteer activities

Mar 23, 2020

Due to our ongoing commitment to the safety of our staff and volunteers and until further notice, we are suspending volunteer activities at our facility beginning at 8am on March 24, 2020. The Foodbank will only be open to staff members, members of the National Guard and network partners picking up their food orders.

In order to remain open during this critical time, the Foodbank must reduce exposure for all and prioritize physical distancing in order to focus on its core work. We want to ensure the public that, under all circumstances, the Foodbank will remain open for the distribution of food to our network partners, and when this crisis is over, our reliance on volunteers will continue. 

All of the Foodbank’s network partners are advised to identify the essential number of volunteers that they need to support their core operation while ensuring physical distancing at the same time. 

Thank you for your understanding during these unprecedented times.

View a list of sites for additional volunteer opportunities within our network.