Action Alerts

Thank you for advocating for hunger relief

Jun 12, 2019

Thank you for your efforts in advocating for hunger relief. Because of your support, the Ohio Senate’s proposed budget includes an increase that will allocate much-needed resources for Ohio’s food banks, supporting a comprehensive approach to hunger relief.

The Ohio Senate Finance Committee demonstrated its support for Ohioans struggling with hunger with an additional $5 million per year in the 2020-2021 biennial budget for Ohio’s food banks, a total of $24.55 million per year.

This increased investment in our local communities will increase educational achievement among youth, worker productivity and healthcare outcomes for the state of Ohio. It also tells the 2 million Ohioans served by food banks, including senior citizens, children, families, people living with disabilities and the working poor, that they are not alone.

Our work isn’t completed yet. We still need your voice to help advocate for this budget increase to the full Senate! Please contact your senators and express your support for this increased funding today!

  • Kristina Roegner – 614.466.4823
  • Frank Hoagland – 614.466.6508
  • Jay Hottinger – 614.466.5838
  • Larry Obhof – 614.466.7505
  • Kirk Schuring – 614.466.0626
  • Vernon Sykes – 614.466.7041

Together, we can work toward a thriving community free of hunger.