Action Alerts

Call today to help our food donors

Nov 12, 2014

Now that the election is over, Congress will return to Washington to finish its remaining business. Our goal is to ensure that the food donation tax deduction (HR 4719) is included in the final package that Congress puts together. We need to show Congress that food banks, agencies, and donors support this legislation and articulate the positive impact it will have on our ability to serve your community.

You can help increase local and national food donations by participating in our National Call-in Day today, Wednesday, November 12, 2014.

Here are a few simple instructions to make your voice be heard on behalf of food insecure families:

  • Dial 888-398-8702. Listen to the pre-recorded message. Enter your zip code when prompted.
  • Once you are connected to your legislator, state that you are a constituent, and give your name and the town you are calling from.
  • Ask them to pass the America Gives More Act and share the following points with them:
    • We waste 70 billion pounds of food in this country, and yet nearly 47 million Americans are turning to food banks for help.
    • The America Gives More Act (HR 4719) improves tax incentives for food donations and will help farmers, small businesses, and other donors, give more food to food banks.
    • Legislators can help the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank and other local charities give more food to those struggling with hunger in our community by passing food donation legislation before the end of the year

Be sure to dial back in and speak with both of your senators and your representative. Thank you for your advocacy! Please tell your friends to sign up for the Foodbank Advocacy Network!