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Act Today to Boost SNAP for families in need

Sep 10, 2020

With an estimated 41 percent increase in the amount of people facing food insecurity due to the impact of COVID-19, it is critical that the next Response Stimulus Bill includes a 15 percent increase to SNAP. The most important action hunger advocates can take TODAY is to urge your lawmakers to support boosting the maximum household SNAP benefit and reauthorizing Pandemic EBT.

Here's how you can help today, on this National SNAP Day of Action:

  1. Use this tool to be connected by phone to your lawmakers and receive a call script to tell them to Boost SNAP Now for struggling families.
  2. Share a personalized tweet using this Paper Plate Twitter Tool from Feeding America.
  3. Share this Facebook post.

Boosting SNAP now will help struggling families and ensure kids are less likely to suffer from hunger as the pandemic progresses. On behalf of the millions of families who could benefit from this increase, we thank you for your advocacy efforts!