General Updates

New E-Ordering System

Nov 25, 2013

The Foodbank is unveiling a new online ordering system for 2014 called the Member Agency E-Ordering System. The new system will offer all of the aspects of the current bare-bones online ordering, but with more interactivity and many new features to help manage your Foodbank account. The new program connects directly to live inventory data which means the available product quantities will be current and product updates occur without the current ordering system’s “processing rebuild” screens. The E-Ordering menu screen is completely interactive allowing the user to search for products or sort by product description, category, packing, storage, and price. In addition, agencies using the Member Agency E-Ordering System will have access to all of their invoices, statements and agency information for review or download.

The new system will replace the current online ordering program and member agencies will be required to transition to the new system by mid-2014.  If your agency is interested in switching to the new system, please contact your member services representative.