General Updates

Transport Food Safely

Jan 19, 2016

The Foodbank and our member agencies partner to distribute more than 20 million pounds of food each year. This food is nurturing the bodies of 263,200 different people every year, and it is important that everyone do their best to ensure this food is kept safe.

When picking up food from the Foodbank in an open bed truck or trailer, please remember that this food must be covered with a tarp, strapped down and secured. Inclement weather and road side debris can damage food and make it no longer safe to consume.

In addition, if food is not properly secured it can fall from the vehicle during transport causing unsafe conditions for other drivers on the road. Even if you are traveling a short distance, food safety is of the utmost importance and all protocols must be followed.

Page 6-4 of the Member Agency Handbook discusses the policy related to transporting orders. As is stated in the handbook, “Products being transported in any type of open vehicle must cover or tarped to prevent contamination from weather and road hazards. The Foodbank reserves the right to not allow an inappropriate vehicle to be loaded or depart from the warehouse”.

Please inform volunteers and staff that pick up food from the Foodbank of this policy.  Everyone has a part in keeping the food we serve to our community safe.