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PantryTrak Compatibility Update

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Mar 22, 2019

PantryTrak will no longer support using Internet Explorer. You will need to download a new web browser such as Chrome, MicrosoftEdge (which is replacing Internet Explorer) or Firefox to continue to use PantryTrak.

You can use the links below to update your web browsers to a free, PantryTrak compatible option.
Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

If your program is having trouble downloading a new web browser, it may be because of your computer’s operating system. 

If your computer system is Windows XP or older (systems before 2000) it is possible that these newer browsers may not be supported by your operation system much longer.
Microsoft Windows will no longer be providing updates or support for Windows XP and Windows VISTA. It is recommended to update your Windows system to Windows 7 or better. Visit the Microsoft website for details on updating your operating system. 

If you have questions, feel free to call Krystal Levstek at 330-777-1051.