General Updates

Ordering, Pickup, and MarketPlace Reminders

Aug 03, 2023

Whether you pick up at our Main Campus or Stark County Campus, we are committed to providing an excellent and safe experience! Please review these friendly reminders. Thank you!  

Ordering Reminders

  • Orders can be submitted up to 3 business days in advance and as soon as 11:30am the business day before.
  • Schedule an appt. by clicking Book Now prior to placing an order (unless utilizing recurring appts. or deliveries).
  • To adjust a submitted order, call the distribution team at 330.253.7054. Do not place more than one order per day.

Pickup Reminders

  • Arrive on time for your scheduled appointment. If you are running late, call the distribution team at 330.253.7054.
  • Load order and MarketPlace product within 30-minutes. If you need extra time, park vehicle in parking lot to finish loading.
  • Upon arrival, check-in with the distribution team. Before leaving, sign your invoice stating you reviewed your order.

MarketPlace Reminders

  • Please weigh all MarketPlace product by category and give your receipt(s) to the distribution team.
  • Each partner is allowed 2 shoppers and 1 cart in the designated MarketPlace area.
  • MarketPlace shopping must be completed during your 30minute appointment.

Thank You!

Thank you for helping create a safe, welcoming, and streamlined process. Questions or feedback? Please contact the distribution team or Network Partners and Programs at 330.535.6900.