General Updates

Become a SNAP Referral Agency

Oct 04, 2016

Become a SNAP Referral All-Star and Receive a Grant for Food!

Did you know that becoming a SNAP referral site can earn you a grant? It’s easy to make referrals, and if you submit 24 within a calendar year (starting January 1st) your agency will receive a $100 grant on your account. It’s as simple as asking those you serve, “do you currently have food stamps/an EBT card?”

If you come across a household that does not receive benefits and would like to know if they are eligible, simply complete a Client Referral Form on our website or e-mail with the individual’s name, phone number, and best time to contact.  Once your referral is received, you can be assured that our SNAP team will contact your referral as soon as possible to assist them in getting food assistance.

Please call 330.535.6900 and ask for the SNAP Outreach Team if you would like more information.