Creative Ideas

Denim Days
Denim Days are one of the easiest and most effective ways to raise money in workplaces. Employees can pay $5 to dress down for a day. Give every employee who participates a sticker, so they can show their support. Place a sign in the reception area announcing the Denim Day to alert clients and visitors of why employees are dressed down. Appointing a few employees per floor/section to help with the collection of money is a great way to make the employee campaign manager’s job easier!

Arrest A Co-Worker Day
Create a “jail cell” area within your building, complete with a volunteer sheriff and for a small donation, employees could have an “arrest warrant” issued for an alleged wrongdoer. Once rounded up by the sheriff, the accused could do their time, or prove their innocence through a charitable gift to the food and funds drive.

Executive Service
Ask your management staff, Board of Directors, or school principals to serve breakfast or lunch to everyone. Employees /students will give a donation to have their meal served to them by management.

Have different departments/grades challenge each other to see who will raise the most meals. Keep a running tally posted in a visible area. Offer a pizza party or doughnut breakfast to the winning group. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone.

Give Them A Hand
Create and post colorful paper cutouts of hands that are sold to employees/students for $1. Put them in the lunchroom or break room to show that the individual whose name is on the hand was generous with a gift to the drive.

Rock the Vote
Have employees/students vote with their spare change (or even dollars) for an executive or teacher who will have to complete an agreed upon activity. The individual with the most votes may have to kiss a cow, shave their head, or be hit in the face with a pie.

A Picture Says A Thousand Words
For a $5 donation employees/students can have their picture taken while sitting at the CEO/Principal’s desk. Using a digital camera will enable you to email the pictures to each individual.

The Guessing Game
The simplest version is a large jar filled with virtually any item as long as it takes a lot of them to fill the jar. Candy is a great item. Participants then pay $1 to guess how many items are in the jar. The closest guess wins the contents of the jar.

Appreciation Grams
Appreciation grams are sent to co-workers in the office on an ordinary day or in connection with a holiday such as Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween, May Day, etc. Appreciation grams consist of little notes with words of thanks, recognition, or good wishes. Along with the note, include a bag of candy, a Mylar balloon or flowers. Some examples include: jelly beans for Easter, Hershey Hugs for Valentine’s Day, pet rocks for a 70s theme, candy corn for Halloween. Take pre-orders for one week in the break-room. Write down the names of the sender and receiver so they can be delivered at a later date. Notes can be computer printed generic messages, or at time of purchase, purchaser can hand write a note of appreciation.

Ice Cream Social
What better way to get ready for summer than an all you can eat ice cream social! Employees/students would give a donation for all the scrumptious ice cream and toppings their stomachs can hold.

Movie Night
This is a great idea for those who work or go to school in a building with a media room that has a large screen. Ask for a $2 donation to see the movie and $1 for a bucket of popcorn.

Guess the Baby
We all have at least one embarrassing baby picture buried in our photo albums. Display baby pictures of each employee and have a contest to see who can guess who the babies are! Sell guess sheets for $5.

Bake Sale
Ask your employees/fellow students to put on their baking caps and try out a new recipe. Cookies, candies, cakes, pastries—anything sweet will do. You can charge by the plate or per item. Leftovers? Don’t worry have a 1/2 price sale at the end of the day.

Game Night/Lunch
Host a game night or lunch party with your friends and co-workers. Whether it is Bunco, Euchre, Poker or your favorite board game, this is bound to be an evening of fun. The host provides refreshment (or do a potluck) and prizes if you wish. Then each guest will bring a $10 donation as their entry fee to the party.