Warehouse & Order Pick-up

We have facility rules in place for your safety and the safety of others.  These guidelines also help us ensure that all agencies receive effective, efficient and courteous service while complying with all OSHA requirements.  Please adhere to the following rules when visiting the Foodbank facility for all reasons including picking up orders and/or shopping our MarketPlace. 

  • The Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank is a tobacco-free campus. Do not use tobacco products in the warehouse or anywhere on Foodbank property.
  • The agency dock and warehouse are not child-friendly environments. If you must bring children, they are welcome to wait in the Foodbank Commons with adult supervision, or please have them wait in your vehicle to ensure their safety and the safety of others.
  • Always wait to be helped by Foodbank staff.
  • For your safety and the safety of our staff, please stay within designated agency areas unless given permission by Foodbank personnel.
  • All persons entering the agency dock or warehouse must wear a shirt and closed-toe and closed-heel shoes. No sandals or flip-flops are allowed.

Forklift Loading

If you would like forklift assistance, you must indicate it at the time your order is placed. Please make sure your vehicle is appropriate for forklift loading.  If you are in doubt, please contact the Operations Manager or Warehouse Supervisor to arrange an inspection of your vehicle.  The Foodbank is not responsible for damage to agency vehicles incurred by forklift loading.

Transporting Orders

Partner agencies are responsible for the safe handling and transportation of all products from the Foodbank.  Appropriate vehicles are to be utilized.  Vehicles should be dry, clean and safe for food transport.  Products being transported in any type of open vehicle must be covered or tarped to prevent contamination from weather and road hazards.

The Foodbank reserves the right to not allow an inappropriate vehicle to be loaded or depart from the warehouse. Failure to transport products in a clean, safe and responsible manner may result in suspension or termination of your partnership.

Order Pick Up

The process for picking up an order is outlined below. For a more detailed description of the Order Pick Up Process, reference the Partner Agency Handbook.

  1. Pre-Appointment
    • All agencies must have a scheduled appointment time to pick-up orders.
    • Appointments are 30 minutes in length. This length of time includes arrival, check-in, loading, MarketPlace and check out. If your agency needs more time due to the size of an order, please notify the Order Desk upon placing your order.
  2. Arrival
    • Representatives from your agency should plan to arrive 5-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.
    • The Agency Dock is located on the Dart Avenue side of the Foodbank facility. When arriving at the Foodbank, park in the Dart Aveue lot.
    • Never pull directly into an open dock door. Once parked, enter the Foodbank facility using the Agency Entrance located to the left of the large dock doors. DO NOT begin shopping MarketPlace before completing your check in.
  3. Check-In
    • You must check in with the Order Desk to be assigned a dock space and to have your order brought to the assigned Dock. At the Order Desk, you will receive a picking list, MarketPlace form and a dock assignment.
  4. Loading and MarketPlace
    • You must back your vehicle into your assigned dock space in the agency dock.
    • Foodbank products must be transported in a responsible and safe manner. The Foodbank reserves the right to withhold any order if the transporting vehicle is dirty or noncompliant with food safety regulations.
    • You must load your order before shopping the MarketPlace. If you have brought additional volunteers/staff with you to assist with loading your order, you may load your vehicle and shop the MarketPlace at the same time.
  5. Check Out
    • Once you have loaded your order, you must return to the Order Desk to turn in your Picking List and MarketPlace shopping form to finalize your paperwork.
    • If you exceed your 30 minute appointment, you will need to pull out of the dock, park, and come back in to receive your paperwork before you leave the Foodbank. You will be required to sign one copy of your invoice before you leave.
    • If you leave the Foodbank without checking out at the Order Desk, you relinquish your rights to dispute any problems with your order.