TEFAP Desk Guide & Form

All food pantry programs are required by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services to have client’s receiving food complete and sign the Federal and State Funded Food Programs Eligibility To Take Food Home Form.  This paper form can also be referred to as a TEFAP form. 

The TEFAP form is a government document that, once completed and signed by the client, is a self-declaration stating that the client’s annual household income falls below 200% of the federal poverty guideline and therefore the household is eligible for food-assistance.  The TEFAP form is updated each year to reflect changes in the federal poverty guideline and a revised version of the form is effective July 1 through June 30 of the following calendar year to match the State of Ohio’s fiscal year.  Use of an older version of the form is never permitted once a new version has been released. The current TEFAP form can be found on the FORMS page of the Agency Zone.

Since the TEFAP form is a government document, it cannot be altered in any way.  No words, sentences, or additional information can be added or written onto the form. Nothing can be printed on or added to the back of the form or anything stapled to the form.  Completed and signed forms must be kept for 5 years and are subject to review and audit at any time.

To ensure that staff and volunteers at food pantry programs understand all of the compliance issues regarding the TEFAP form and understand the steps to successfully completing the TEFAP form, there is the TEFAP Desk Guide.

The TEFAP Desk Guide should be provided to and reviewed by any staff member or volunteer who may be helping clients through the process of completing the TEFAP form. 

A simple way to avoid possible issues and errors with the TEFAP form is to use PantryTrak during client intake.  It is a totally cost-free “Cloud” based system where all of the information is accessed through the web and all information is maintained and stored on the web, thus eliminating the need for the paper TEFAP form. To learn more, visit our PantryTrak page.