Policies & Procedures

The Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank , one of 12 food banks in Ohio, work in concert under the leadership and compliance requirements of Feeding America, Ohio Association of Foodbanks and Ohio Department of Job & Family Services.  Within these contractual relationships come policies and procedures that all food banks are required to adhere to and implement among their partner agency networks.

In this section you will be introduced to those policies and procedures that guide the daily operations of the Foodbank and our partner agencies.  The Foodbank and its partner agencies are required to adhere to federal and state civil rights laws and to ensure their staff and volunteers have a comprehensive understanding of these regulations.  The Foodbank provides training to all agencies within our network through our orientation program. On-going advice and instruction are given throughout the year, when staffing changes occur and during annual site inspections.  This section provides information about the policies and procedures with which all partner agencies must remain in compliance.