Engaged Partner

An engaged partner meets all of the criteria below:

  • Meets basic compliance level or better during site visit
  • Monthly reports are submitted on time. No more than 2 late reports per year
  • No more than 1 late/missed appointment per review period (6 months)
  • Bills are paid on time. Only 1 late payment per review period (6 months)
  • Attends at least 1 RoundTable (or Network Summit) per year
  • More than 1 staff/volunteer has attended orientation
  • Participates in advocacy efforts by signing up for email advocacy alerts
  • Attends Operation Orange or Harvest for Hunger kick-off breakfast

The following perks and benefits are available:

  • Access to free and reduced priced food and grocery products
  • Eligible for county-specific pooled food grants

The following perks and benefits are available exclusively for engaged partners:

  • Eligible for non-food distributions
  • Eligible for PantryTrak All-Star Grant
  • Skilled volunteer recruitment
  • Eligible for equipment/capacity-building grant funding
  • Eligible for program-specific pooled food grants