Collaborative Partner

A collaborative partner meets engaged partner criteria, and shows growth in two categories:

Access (choose at least 1)

  • At least 10% increase in pounds ordered compared to previous year
  • At least 10% increase in produce poundage compared to total food ordered from Foodbank (or produce percentage is over 25% of total)
  • At least 5% increase in client numbers over prior year
  • Adds additional distribution day per month or extends distribution hours (or operates at least 16 hours a month)
  • Makes a referral that results in a new partner

Collaboration (choose at least 1)

  • Attend one or more RoundTables, Network Summit, or other training opportunity in person or online
  • Participate in volunteer opportunity through calendar year either at the Foodbank or a Foodbank sponsored community event
  • Operates a food or funds drive with acknowledgement on materials that you are a network partner of the Foodbank
  • Host open house at food program for other Network Partners to facilitate collaboration and communication

If network partner uses PantryTrak, they must operate it correctly.