The MarketPlace is a designated area of the Agency Dock where agency representatives can obtain additional perishable items for their programs that do not have a shared maintenance fee. The MarketPlace can be a very busy area when multiple agencies are shopping at the same time. To help regulate this, we have a few rules your agency must abide by while shopping the MarketPlace.

  • You must check-in at the Order Desk to receive the MarketPlace Shopping Form. If you arrive more than 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment, you will be asked to wait outside or in the Foodbank Commons.
  • A maximum of two agency representatives are allowed to shop the MarketPlace during any scheduled appointment and only one cart may be used per agency. 
  • All items taken from the MarketPlace must be separated, weighed and labeled in four categories. Please use the scale provided; do not estimate the weight of products.
  • Weight for each of the categories must be printed and labeled. The printouts from each of the categories must be presented at the Order Desk when checking out.
  • You must check out at the Order Desk to receive your invoice before leaving the Foodbank.