Tabitha & Elijah’s Story

Walking into the Barberton Area Community Ministry, a member hunger-relief program of the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank, Tabitha holds the hand of her four-year-old son Elijah and in her other hand she holds the car seat of her three-week-old baby.

Tabitha and her husband both work full-time, but due to her maternity leave, her family’s budget is extremely tight.

Tabitha gently sets the car seat down while Elijah skips off to enjoy the shelves of books at the Ministry. Through tears Tabitha says, “I am so thankful for this place, and the people here are so kind. The first time I visited the pantry, I couldn’t believe how healthy and fresh the food is. As a mom, it’s an incredible feeling to give my children the nourishing foods they need.

Tabitha has five children from ages 23 to three weeks old, and like most kids, they can never eat enough. “My kids love the chicken nuggets and apples that we get here. I love the fresh breads, meats and canned vegetables.”

Elijah heard his mom say “chicken nuggets” and runs over to say, “I love those! Can we have them today?”

She looks down at him and with a big smile says, “Sure, sweetheart.”


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