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Increase Food Security of Your Clients

You can schedule for the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank's SNAP outreach worker to come to your pantry distribution, hotmeal or event. There are three SNAP Outreach staff members who travel to distributions all over our eight county service area to help  your clients apply for food assistance, heating assistance and other benefits programs. Having SNAP outreach at your agency is a great way to increase the food security of your clients and to try out the Benefit Bank.

Refer Your Clients

Do you have clients who are in need of Food Assistance but do not know how to apply?

The Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank can now help clients apply for SNAP and other programs over the phone. Have your clients call toll free to sign up for assistance today at 1-855-560-0850

Schedule a Visit

SNAP outreach does not need to disrupt the normal flow of your agency's distribution. A visit from Paige, Amber or Laura is very easy to schedule and requires very little of the host agency. You do not need a computer, internet, an extra volunteer or even a table. Laura can work with you to determine the best approach to talking with clients and getting them signed up.

To learn more about SNAP outreach and schedule a visit contact:

Laura Vanzo at (330) 572-3101 or lvanzo@acrfb.org

SNAP Resources

Help your volunteers and clients understand the program, recent changes, and how to get help applying  with some great resources:

SNAP Outreach Flyer- A flyer for you to share with your clients with information on our SNAP outreach program and the number they can call to apply over the phone

SNAP Reference Guide for Agencies- Gives background on SNAP for your agency volunteers and staff

SNAP Changes Flyer- Gives information on recent changes to SNAP for your clients.

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