Patricia's Story 


Patricia Schreiner is at the Middlebury Chapel food pantry. Walking from the pantry’s double doors with a basket full of groceries, like fresh vegetables and frozen meat. Patricia quietly says, “This place makes me feel like at home, it makes me feel like I’m not all alone.”

Patricia continues to explain, “I lost both my parents, my husband and my brother, so it’s just me. I have these moments where something will happen that makes me happy, and I go to the phone to call my dad. I forget there is no one to call.”

Patricia is sixty-three years old, and retired from years of working with the emergency medical service department. She’s had two knee replacements and still manages to walk most places she goes. Living alone, and on a fixed income, Patricia doesn’t always know where her next meal will come from.

“I usually don’t eat breakfast or lunch,” Patricia slowly states. “I make a meal last two or three days.”

When asked about how often she comes to the food pantry, Patricia replies, “I come only when I have to; people out there have it worse than me.”

Middlebury Chapel food pantry is a member agency of the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank. Each month, the Chapel helps to feed more than 100 families who are struggling with hunger. Community members like Patricia leave the pantry with much more than food. They leave with hope— and the knowing that they will never be alone.